CO2 laser surgery

Laser surgery raises numerous interesting issues compared to traditional surgery:

  • Extreme precision

The main advantage of this technique is undoubtedly its extreme precision. The laser is in fact a surgical technique, which makes it possible to incise each cell layer independently of each other. This is particularly interesting for tissues that are sensitive or difficult to access (tumour of the auditory canal, periocular tumor, buccal tumor, colorectal polyps, etc.).   

  • Reduction in surgical bleeding

The laser allows simultaneous incision and cauterization of blood vessels. For most surgical procedures, the surgical and anaesthetic times are thus significantly decreased

  • Reduction of postsurgical complications

The high temperature generated by the laser beam when it penetrates tissues makes it possible to kill the bacteria present on the skin at the site of incision.

  • Decreased postsurgical pain

This temperature also has the effect of sealing the nerve endings, and therefore greatly reducing postsurgical pain.       

  • Decreased postsurgical oedema

As well as the blood vessels, the lymphatic vessels are sealed, which makes it possible to decrease postsurgical edema, and hence the risk of dehiscence of the surgical sutures.

  • Reduction in the spread of metastases

During the excision of cancerous masses, the laser beam seals the lymphatic vessels and therefore inhibits the spread of tumor cells.

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